The Sauce

Fudge, Molasses, Ripe Red Fruit


The Sauce is our espresso blend. Roasted medium-dark, full of caramelized sugars, dark chocolate, and subtle fruit notes, it is designed to shine on espresso. Not surprisingly, it also happens to make a delicious cup of drip.

What can you expect?

    • Deep and rich with subtle acidity
    • A versatile coffee—shines on espresso, comforts on drip
    • Focused on flavors associated with carmelization and sugar browning

Current Bean Blend Details

    • 50% Brazil (Cerrado) - Daterra Bourbon Peaberry
      • Fully washed
      • Rainforest Alliance & Certified B Corp
    • 50% Colombia (Huila) La Virgen A
      • Smallholder farmers, ~9acre avg. farm size
      • Fully washed
      • Covered patios & parabolic raised bed drying